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All of our breedings are planned breedings and are focused exclusively on improving the German Shepherd Dog.  EVERY effort is made to comply with the standard in temperament and conformation.  All of our dogs are from 100% European bloodlines.  All of our Dogs are registered with the American Kennel Club, and/or the German Kennel Club (Verein für Deutsche Schäferhunde (SV) e.V).


Vom Lebenstraum, is very selective when breeding and only breed to proven stock to maintain the standards and characteristics of the German Shepherd Dog.  We make great efforts to maintain a reasonable price for puppies and adults within the current price range for the breed, based on individual quality.  Breeding stock must have hips evaluated by the Orthopedic Foundation of Animals (OFA Cerfified) or have SV a stamp.



We do not make a living from breeding German Shepherds, our commitment is to our dogs and the puppies they produce.  All offspring are reared with children, cats, dogs, love, love and more love.  We are not a large kennel therefore allowing us time to socialize puppies in a family setting, producing intelligent, strong, well adapted family companions that are loyal and sound.  All puppies are housed and cared for in a sanitary manner absolutely necessary for maintaining the dog’s optimum health.  



Puppies will be wormed, inoculated and free of internal and external parasites prior to placement.  We recognize credibility and honesty are important to our potential families, therefore we do our best to make sure each puppy is a good fit for each individual family.  We want your new puppy to be loved, cherished and valued just as one of the family.  Searching for a quality German Shepherd can be tough, take your time making this important decision is a 10 year plus commitment that should be taken very seriously.​



​As a responsible breeder, whether breeding for health, temperament, looks or intelligence, we believe that a combination of all of these qualities makes the perfect pet.

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